I'm going to live in Germany for a year in a month and I was wondering what life is like.
I have a German living with me for a year. He says the only thing better about Germany is the drinking age.
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Brilliant observation.

It's not bad, if you don't mind hitler and all that stuff.

Nah, I'm just kidding. I've never been there.
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I'm not German, but I'm good friends with a German and have spent some time over there with him. If you're going to Berlin, you're in for a good time.
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My uncle was stationed there a few years ago. He really liked the place.


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-its clean as hell over there
-people are nicer
-lower drinking age
-a lot less emo kids
-nice neighborhoods
-nice houses
-if your working you get like a month or more vacation
-most anti-nazi place in the world now
One of my best friends is from Germany, and all I've ever heard from him is positive things.

Have fun.
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I'm part German, my last name "Simon" comes from my German ancestors, though it was changed from something else when they came to America.
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-its clean as hell over there
-people are nicer
-lower drinking age
-a lot less emo kids
-nice neighborhoods
-nice houses
-if your working you get like a month or more vacation
-most anti-nazi place in the world now

THIS thank you very much

ah yes also i am german
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The food is the greatest int he world. It's meat, pickled cabbage and potato loaded onto a plate, washed down with a few tankards of high standard lager. Lucky bastard.

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I'm of German descent.
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Warm beer in Germany? I was stationed there for six years and every beer I ever drank was cold. COLD, not even luke warm, cold. Where does this misconception come from? My daughter was born in the Hanau Krankenhaus. I spent 4 years there, in Hanau and 2 years in a small town in the Swabbisch Alps. Southern Germany is beautiful. There are a lot of misconceptions about the autobahn as well, as if it's just one highway (motorway) where you can break the sound barrier, lol. It's not. It's what they call their major highways, and yes, it has speed limits, especially when you get in close to the bigger cities. There are however stretches where there are NO speed limits. You will enjoy Germany Great food, great bier, and wonderful people.
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im romanian and am offended. most of the people in romania make americans look like autistic kids on ritalin
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I'm autistic and on ritalin and am offended. Most autistic kids on ritalin make americans look like romanians.
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