A local band is selling a 150 watt crate half stack for 200 bucks.. all I know is the head is 150 watts, solid state, what could it be, because I know the flexwave is 120 watts.
The only 150 watt one I can think of is the Crate PowerBlock.
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okay this is it, he wants 230 for it. he says he paid 600. it may not be the best, but its a great deal I think.

yeah i saw the 120, the guy said it was 150, thats still pretty loud, and yeah, i was thinking maybe an older flexwave.
It's not a Flexwave. It's an old discontinued Crate. It's really not good at all, I've played one. You're better off getting a new Flexwave and a cheap 2x12.
DON"T I saw one at a pawnshop for 60 bucks
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