Well i asked about it a while ago got no answers but now, I HAS WOOD!!

Now the plan is build a 5 string fretless neckthrough body bass for D&T i can get help from my teacher with the build components.

The specs were going to be (as a basic outline)

Tassy blackwood body
maple neck
jarrah stringer
EMG HZ pickups
hipshot 5 string bridge
(still working on the fingerboard)

now i couldnt get tasmanian black wood but i came across Tasmanian oak...and though oak may not be the greatest tone wood i figured its D&T the builds more or less an experiment anyway why not. That and the hardware is the most costly part of the whole thing all of which is re usable.
(noting this is going to be neckthrough and i didnt buy any blanks)
so to wood photos.
Jarrah stringer wood (two lengths just in case) pity not much is going to be seen.

Tassy oak. slightly quilted?


sorry bout the pic quality used my phone cuz mum has the camera.

PS. lulz at the tissue paper still floating around from when i bought my boots ( had em delivered)
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A better look at the Tasmanian oaks grain.

and a question for the forum, would jarrah be dense enough to use as a fretboard wood? assuming i cant get anything else easily.
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sweet because I can get strips of it really easily relatively cheaply as well locally. =D
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Tis pacific maple (so most likely not maple in the true sense, anyways the guitars an experiment more or less can't hurt) i picked a really dark slab of it and i took the photo with my phone so its quite dark anyway (note the area where the flash is). either way you cant get mahogany here. not easily anyway.
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Iiiiim gonna give this a fat bump.

And i have a question for you godly builder's of guitars, What glues would be best for gluing the fretboard/neck and body laminates?

Also what sort of oil is suggested as a finish?
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