i thoroughly enjoyed that

i would have to say my favorite part was the chorus

the lead part is so awesome, i love it

the intro was pretty sick too

come to think of it, the whole thing was

im not sure about that 7-7 thing during the breakdown

i say just scrap it and make it a rest

aside from that, very good piece!

That was really stunning. A master piece. Brilliant.

I loved it, the intro was wonderful, the verses were wonderful, the chorus was awesome, the bridge was sick, it was all just excellent.

Well done.

Good job dude..
Sounds solid!
my favourite part was the chorus (great lead part) and the intro.
I think it would be better to create more variation by not repeating your riffs to much (sorry for my english...) But that's just my taste i don't reuse alot of my riffs.
i also like the clean part as well

and for the breakdown, you could try the 77 as natural harmonics. I bet that would sound great

It's nothing new, but it's solid

overall: 7.5/10
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Not bad, but I found the chord progressions to be very predictable, and the solos to be a bit predictable

The drums kinda didn't flow

nice transition from the quiet part, neat little breakdown.

Kinda has the feel of "Underoath trying to do an August Burns Red" kinda thing

Nice use of earlier riff at the end

Outro seemed a bit hokey, with the high bend. Feels too much like an 80's ending to a semi-hardcore song.

Overall: 7.5/10


thank you :] i dont listen to Underoath, neither ABR, but i did heard a few songs from august...
many ppl say i make ABR-like songs, well , seems like im a prodigy (read the irony in my words x) )
This probably won't help at all, but I really like it, and I'm not a big fan of the genre.

It really feels like a song, instead of some instruments thrown together. But to my taste, there's too much repetition.
surprisingly i like it alot.

the break is good. verse 2 is awesome.
the lead for the chorus is awesome as well.
the bridge and verse 3 almost gave me an orgasm.
the breakdown is awesome as well haha, esp the lead part.
but it would sound better if you could hold the 7 longer, during the breakdown.