I just had my b-52 at-100 fixed and i don't like to be bringing it anywhere but my new band wants me to leave it at he practice space two towns away. 1. i don't feel comfortable leaving that expensive of an item in a cold cellar 2. i dont want anyone to use it or mes with my settings. 3 i would buy a case but they're wicked expensive!!

what should i do?
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Take it home! Who cares what your frined wants!?!?! Its yours. What are they going to do? Kick you outta the band? If so, theyre jerks. You dont want to leave it, so dont. HAHA
1. nobody says you have to leave it there.. i would never leave my amp at a practice space for an unknown amount of time. 2. you should be able to dial in your settings if they get messed up. It's a good thing to know or at least write down. 3. nobody, including myself uses a case for their amps. I could only see getting one if i was traveling by plane with it.

Why don't you like bringing it anywhere?
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its like really a bitch to transport but i mean mine as well get used to it
~shecter hellraiser C-1~