I am in the mood to listen to jazz, but not happy jazz like Mose Allison. Darkish sounding jazz.

Something kinda...like Life in a Glasshouse by Radiohead, but not as Radioheady (not that i dont liek Radiohead or anything, theyre one of my favorite bands, but I'm not feeling them right now).

Any suggestions?
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Radiohead is not jazz...

I know, but have you heard life in a glasshouse? Its pretty jazzy. Its a great song, you should look it up. if you havent heard it.

And thats why i said not as Radioheady. haha =)
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Go ask the Blues and Jazz forum.

ok thanks.

But if anyone here has some suggestions, i'd still like to hear them.
Go for my favorite jazz man, Dave Brubeck. The song "Take Five" is the obvious starting point, and I'd also recommend "Unsquare Dance." Some of The Dave Brubeck Quartet's songs are light and happy, but most of the ones I've heard should satisfy your craving.
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