just recorded my own version of Ocean Avenue, and was wondering your opinions on the Vocals, Snare, and how to make a bass drum sound much better through mixing :S

The Rhythm Guitar doesnt sound amazing, which has a lot to do with the guitar i used for the song sorry, once i get more of my recording equipment, it's off to buy another acoustic.

And yeah, so any feedback's appriciated, good or bad, and the link's at http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/adsp/

and of course, i'll crit you back if you wish.

Thanks in advance,

well, for one it would help a TON to actually TUNE your guitar.
You need to sing the vocals in the right octave, since you've obviously capable.
Your voice is fine, but you have to SING OUT to hit the high notes.

To make a snare sound better play around with some compression, and with a kick drum you just have to EQ it right.

The vocals are too dry. Put on a slight bit of delay, or some small room reverb.
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