I am in the mood to listen to jazz, but not happy jazz like Mose Allison. Darkish sounding jazz.

Something kinda...like Life in a Glasshouse by Radiohead, but not as Radioheady (not that i dont liek Radiohead or anything, theyre one of my favorite bands, but I'm not feeling them right now).

Any suggestions?
what do you mean by dark? sad, evil?
Feelin the Blues

"The Blues are a simple music and I'm a simple man. But the Blues aren't a science, the Blues can't be broken down like a mathematics. The Blues are a mystery, and mysteries are never as simple as they look" - BB King
Mingus maybe? Goodbye Pork Pie Hat is pretty dark. As for albums you could try The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady by Charles Mingus, A Love Supreme by John Coltrane, and Out to Lunch by Eric Dolphy. I don't if they're what you're looking for, but they're all worth a listen.
What ohhey said
Check out In A Silent Way or Bitches Brew by Miles Davis
Vintage Dolphy by Eric Dolphy
In A Silent Way is the best jazz album I've ever heard. It could be considered pretty dark.
^I've never really considered it dark, but I could see why you would make a case for it. Although I do concurr with you regarding it's awesomeness. It's my favorite album of all time in any genre (and I have pretty eclectic taste in music).