Momma cries baby why baby why why why
Momma screams baby and she just cry cry cries
Man says baby died but you don't worrk baby's just fine baby's mine
But mamma, she still screams and crys why why why
Just shut the door Ma stay out ma room ma I don't think you'lle see me soon Mom
Tell Daddy we're through Mom
Everything'll be cool Mom

And as I'm sittin here so dizzy about ta throw up
As I'm chillin here just about ready ta blow up
I'm tellin' ya how I'll be fine but this is the last time the last time I'm fine

Daddy screams what the **** where you thinkin
What the hell where you trippin
And his words they just keep rippin
Tearin out my heart
Yeah you care about me Daddy I see I see but Daddy you care more about how this makes you look than you care about me
Daddy just go let me be I'm free Daddy free free free Just go Daddy don't worry about me I won't tell nobody you'll look just okay you ain't gotta stay Daddy just let me play Daddy I'll be okay Daddy just stay the **** away Daddy

And as I sit here just chillin, just cryin' here like a ****in baby and things become so god damn shady
Cause these tears are so ****in blurry and I cant take it
I wanna take everything and just break it

Maybe I'm just what you think I am a slippin failure and I can't be trusted
But ****it
Let me have a chance and lemme take it that's all I need right now is a chance so just stay out my way nd maybe just maybe baby can make it
Instead of havin ta fake it like hes some kinda perfect and start writin these verses as he curses the day he just lost it
The day that costed him his freedom tha day that just costed him his whole future and now baby's girl he's gonna lose her cause baby's a prick baby's so lit baby cant take much more of this **** baby's gone so long babys so gone it's to late he wanted a chance but baby never got it he got spit up chewed out now im out peace wont see ya later baby's dead so don't you worry your little ****ed up head he's just fine baby's dead and baby's all mine!