hail rockers,

I'd been thinking since a while now that where is the rock now a days? Most artists are just doing Hardcore/metal etc. I don't dislike those genres but I think its a bit overdone these days.

One doesn't get to see the rock like back in the day these days. I can't find a lot of resources too! Can anyone recommend me any magazines/websites that cover rock.

can anyone suggest me some new artists that are playing actual true rock.
Jackson JS1 Dinky
Roland 15x Cube
Mars Volta
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Foo Fighters
Queens of The Stone Age
John Frusciante
Pearl Jam
Alice In Chains

those are just some on the Front Page, just look around in the threads and ask questions, see what appeals to you
The strokes are sort of new, they are from this decade. They're not hard rock so I don't know if you'll be into them.
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American Minor
Hurricane Party
The Answer
Marty Casey and the lovehammers
The Darkness
Velvet Revolver
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Opeth ( metal but what the hey)
Black Label Society
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Pearl Jam
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