Until today I knew virtually nothing about pickups, so far I've tried to bone up with these links:


None of these have answered my questions so here goes...

How can pickup manufactures sell 'scooped' pickups. From everything I've read pickups have a mid-peak, mostly as a result of the number of windings. Strat/Single Coil pickups generally have the resonant peak at a relatively high frequency, whilst LPs/Humbuckers have the resonance at a lower frequency.

Also I know that magnet types change the tone, but its usually just the case that stronger magnets increase the treble response, but do not effect the resonant peaks. Also, skinny-tall coil windings also promote good treble response.

But no matter how I try to understand it, I can not see how a pickup can be engineered to have a mid SCOOP, since pickups inherently have a mid-peak.

Is it really that these so-called 'scooped' pickups are really just fairly wide-bandwidth pickups (maybe ceramic magnets, and tall skinny windings), but with lots of windings to push the resonance down low - creating plenty of treble and a mid-bass hump.

IMO this isn't really 'scooping' in the normal sense, but maybe I'm just missing something.
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