Thats really nice man.
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really good. usually when people opt for taking the vocals an octave down at the beginning of the chorus it doesn't sound good but you pulled it off nicely. 9/10 my friend.
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Wow, the guitar sounds VERY nice.
And your vocals were absolutely great too.

Nice range too man. I think this might have inspired me to cover it too. haha.
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Nice work! Tough song vocally and you definitely didn;t embarrass yourself, I'd love to be able to sing like that, thats for sure!
Really nice..

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Hey man,

Sounds great. Guitar good, vocals on key the entire time. Only suggestion --- and it might be your style of music -- is that it sounds a bit whiny, easily fixed but I'm not sure if your going for that or not.

Yeah I know how it feels, I used to have it too ( I hope its gone at least!). It goes away with time, so just keep practicing and it will be disappear. I believe it's just the vowel sounds that your using right now, you'll figure it out


P.S. -- thanks for not taking what I said offensively.
No what you said was actually constructive. I'm looking for anything that I need to change to become a better vocalist. I've been working on some tougher songs lately so I think the whinyness is kind of starting to fade.

Thanks for the critique.
Great effort at it. The only things I noticed were the notes that bent up to eachother in the vocals: "I just WAAAANT you to KNOW who I am"

It's a little pitchy on the slide there, other than that, great job. Did you use the D-A-D-D-A-D 'standard' GGD tuning?
I always thought it was a little pitchy. I didn't know if I was just being anal about it though.

I actually used the double drop d tab on here. It's D-A-D-G-B-d. It's a lot easier than trying to change the tuning that drastically.