Is it possible to make a low-pitched drone with an Epiphone Casino and Digitech rp200?
Yes. Tune down to A and use as much distortion, reverb and delay as you can. Varies with the kind of drone you are looking for.
^^, You generally just need to crank a low-mid gain tube amp to 10. You don't really want to use something high gain. Sunn, Matamp, Ampeg etc.

What amp are you running through?

The Casino will give you lots of nice feedback, so that's a plus.


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See if it has a spring reverb where you can set the wet/dry mix to 100% wet (it might also be called Effect Level, same difference, just turn it all the way up) then give it some fuzz/distortion and delay. That's what I do to get drones. I looked in your profile and noticed you're a MBV fan - the above should get you a good MBV-esque tone too.

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