I just need to refresh something in my mind and I tried looking it up but can't find it. Any way I'm going to use the Gmajor scale for example and I'm looking at all the chords in this scale they would be Gmajor, Aminor, Bminor, Cmajor, Dmajor, Eminor, and F#dim? well I find that with the maj min min maj maj min dim rule, but how would I know a minor scale and the chords? Lets just use Aminor for example. According to this website im looking at, it says Aminor has no flats or sharps. So would you still apply maj min min maj min dim? That doesn't make since because A would be Major.
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Are you aware A minor is relative to C major?

You would this rule to find all the chords by using C major and yoru pattern, then simply arrange them starting from A minor.
It's the same thing you just start at the 6 (the relative minor)
So e minor would be eminor F#dim Gmaj Amin Bmin Cmaj Dmaj
Major: M m m M M m d
Minor: m d M m m M M

G Major - G Am Bm C D Em F#dim
E Minor -             Em F#dim G Am Bm C D
ok thx alot for the help. Basically the best and fastest way to find out is to know your Relative major and minors by heart. Which isn't to bad of a tast. I swear I think it is the most boring to me though.
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Or you could just find the relative minor or major by going up/down a minor 3rd, you'll learn most of them by heart eventually anyway.