at the namm show..there was a booth full of these bass amps under a rather unkown company called tc electronics..i decided to check these out so i plugged in..

man were these things awesome!! such a small cabinet yet so powerful..the head also had a compressor on it and man did it sound good..I'm seriously considering one..has anyone else had an experience with one of these? heres the link to some more info

They do very good effects pedals =)
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it looks amazing. There are some good vids on youtube. This might be the first solid state amp I ever buy. Anybody heard how they are pricing it?
i can't find pricing

but what i might do..is either try out for that test pilot thing on their site or once my band get a couple of new songs out i could try out for an endorsement..one can only wish.....
499 for a 2x12 cab, 399 form a 2x10( thats pounds sterling). I was just browsing gak and then came here, ha weird. They look quite nice, would like to play one.

Edit: the Rebelhear 450 is 799 pounds sterling. This is all on gak.
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799 in pounds is about $1,200. Not to terrible, but still a little steep. Hopefully it will be cheaper in the states. To quote slap-a-bass, "one can only wish" haha.
799 is around 1155 actually so im going to see around $1000 there abouts.
Yamaha TRB1006
Fender MIA jazz bass
Hora Hybrid double bass
Hartke lh 500
Ev 606L
Epiphone les paul
*signs up for the rebelhead test programme*
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i read all the details and everything for that test pilot program..i learned that you keep it for 30 days and then they take it back ..well i knew they would eventually take it back but i would probably die playing an amp like that and then NOT having the money to actually buy once they take it back....ughh
Surely it's 3 months?

But yeah, I've signed up. If they want to take it back I'll get a Crisis Loan or something and pay for it. That is, if I fall in love with the thing.
It's long enough for me to build up funds. If I get that fateful e-mail, I shall make a thread and see if I can get it stickied.
I somehow got on their mailing list, so I took a quick look at the website. Very, very nice stuff it seems. I would be interested in hearing back from one of you who went down the test pilot route.