Is it likely, let alone possible that plugging an amp(in this case a bass stack) into a DI for playing a live show could blow the amp and/or give it a distorted crackly sound?

If so, then how exactly does this occur/what could have been done to prevent it? It's really important that I get this answered(no wise cracks please)...
Not sure about a bass stack, but I've got my guitar routed through my amp's preamp via the line out and into my computer. Sounds pretty decent with some cab modeling on the PC, and I haven't run into any distortion issues yet. And nothing's blown up, so that's a plus.

Why you'd want to do this for a live show is something I would be interested in. Are we talking about going out via DI for recording purposes? Because I'm thinking that, no matter the application, micing the stack would produce a more favorable sound.
Why you'd want a DI with a live show is something I'm really curious to know too! We are talking about DI for both. I know in a recording sense it's sometimes better, but I'm more curious to know about using DI in a live show.