is there a way to have the standard 5 way switch, as well as an additional setting for the neck and bridge together on a strat?
i know there are other ways of making it bridge/neck pup at the same time. as in switching the neck and mid or the bridge and mid on the 5 way toggle.

im wondering if theres a way to have the neck/bridge setting without sacrificing any of the others as well.

like adding in a 1/4" mini toggle or something
Use a push pull pot. Where the bridge pickup connects you your selector switch run a wire to the middle lug of your push pull switch. Then run a wire from the top lug of the push pull switch to the hot lug on your volume. This will act as an "on" switch for your bridge pickup when the switch is pulled up and when it's pushed down the guitar will function normally.
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Yeah, but it means drilling an extra hole in your guitar.
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You could get rid of the 5 way and just have an on/off switch for each pickup. That way you get all the tones of the 5 way and more. You can even use it as a killswitch.
yes, i know. i know of the "superstrat" wiring as well. i dont want that many choices lol.

a 1/4 inch hole is no problem. since my volume and tone knob are all push pulls and are all already taken with splits and out of phase switches and such. its an old pickguard anyways heh

thank you.
I made a reversing switch once on a pushpull pot. It would reverse the neck and middle pickup leads before they went to the switch. Out the switch made the middle pickup position into the neck, in the switch made their positions normal. A regular DPDT toggle could be used, but using a push pull you wouldnt need a new hole.