Chromatic includes every semitone, so every note is in the chromatic scale.
if you only use the notes of the major scale then you play a major scale, if you use all 12 notes or 11 notes or any note set out of a popular used scales it's a chromatic scale.

Yes essentially everything can be played with the chromatic scales.

Tone centre is what it defines.

IF you play major scale run, and then out of nowhere put out of scale notes then you play chromatic run.

It's more of a communication device like;

Like a person saying this;

"I played a C Major arpeggio followed by a small chromatic run "

(indicating you play a few "out-of-scale" notes, which have no distinct harmonic relationship to the the underlying harmony/chords)

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Quote by rebel624
Isn't "chromatic" just another word for "major" scale? Meaning anything that not altered or diatonically incorrect?

No, it isn't another word for it. Chromatic means that a note is included from outside of the key, thus adding colour to the melody/harmony.