Ever had a wah-wah that picked up local radio stations in the closed position?

The Fulltone Clyde Deluxe is pretty prone to that. But something got me thinking. Could I just use copper shielding tape on the inside of the unit to shield out this interference. I'm not exactly sure what shielding does or how it works, but could it work for the wah?

My first instinct would be to say no, because it might not be grounded or something? I really don't understand how shielding works, all I know is that it does.

If someone has some expertise on this, and whether or not shielding would work/be possible with this wah, I would be so much obliged.

Thanks a lot.
what?! You don't want radio. You get board playing guitar and chuck on the radio, how cool is that!

I'm not to sure, you can shield it and then ground the circuit board to the shielding but i dont know if it will stop the radio interference