So as the title says, I'm needing pickups for mahogany, more specifically, a very modded ibby s7320.

I could describe the tone I want to achieve for the bridge as a tight, but a smooth kind of tightness, with a sort of snarl to chords and a nice singing tone for leads. I don't need like, brutal distortion, but I would like that nice tight tone I envisioned a few words earlier. The cleans for the bridge don't have to be overly soulful to the point that'll make you piss yourself out of beauty, but they should be decent.

as for the neck, it's quite the opposite. I want a very fluid and jazzy clean sound that could make someone cry if the right song was played. the distortion doesn't have to be brutal, or have to par with the tightness I described in the 2nd paragraph. But if it could please have a lead tone almost as good as it's clean tone.

My amps vary, depending on location, I use a Peavey Valveking 212, a Peavey Transtube (not sure which one), and sometimes this 65-watt ss crate. I guess if you were to base the sound I wanted, base it on the VK

And, about the kind: I heard that dimarzio's pickups are kinda bad if you don't shred very well, as in, one-mistake-and-you're-screwed. I'm not a shredder, although I could make myself sound like I was, and I sound fine when I'm speeding up a bit. so I 'm not sure about dimarzios.

Sorry if I'm being so critical about these, I'm trying to make the most out of my decision/money help me out UG!
I dropped a Seymour Duncan distortion in the bridge and a jazz in the neck of my les paul (mahogany)...I believe it does the trick well.
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You probably should have mentioned that a S7320 is a 7 string and there for need pickups available for 7 string guitars

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Not sure what to recomend for the bridge but in the neck you would strongly suggest my 7 string classic.
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