Im looking for easy classical piano pieces. Im just teaching myself and i learned Fur Elise, Gymnopodie, Moonlight Sonata(sp) etc so that sort of level.

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Händels Sarabande is very powerful, and sounds great on the piano imo. I'm at school without headphones (the comps don't have speakers), but I think this is a decent version.

Also, you could learn the Bach prelude, can't remember the numbers but it's frequently called Ave Maria (though I don't think he originally gave it a name? ). Anyway, it's really simple, arpeggios all throughout, but it has some really cool shiftings in there.
^ You might be thinking of the first Bach prelude from the WTC (Book 1) in C major. It is an easy, very beautiful and famous piece.

Anyways, the 4th Chopin Prelude from op 28 shouldn't be a problem, same with the...14th I think and the one that is only half a page and like a miniature waltz. Just buy Chopin's Op 28. Scriabin's op 11 preludes has a few easy ones in there as well, namely no 2, 4 and 12. The Bach inventions are also good pieces to learn through and through. Also, Schumann's op 2, Papillon, is of only a modest difficulty throughout. If you don't mind tormenting yourself, you could also try a few of the clementi and kuhlau sonitinas (they can really be quite dull sometimes!).

And for the record the moonlight sonata, the first and 3rd movement especially, is incredibly difficult to play well. It really is a crime against beethoven that so many students are given the 1st movement for study so early on just because it's slow and popular.