Hi there,

So I have a Vox Valvetronix amplifier and a Zoom 505 effects pedal. The problem I'm having is they seem to be 'clashing' with each other.

I have 10 amp models on the Vox itself, and then of course a wealth of effects on the pedal. My main problem is I don't know which amp model to use with each effect, and this often results in a horrible tone, a million miles from what I was trying to achieve.

It is simply a case of twiddling knobs to suit my style or am I missing something really fundamental here? Maybe I shouldn't be using the pedal at all??

Cheers guys

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have you tried putting your vox on the clean mode to run the pedal? i know i have a digitech and it says to make sure your on the clean channel so maybe thats ur problem !

otherwise your mixing signals and it's gonna sound messed up i think!
This is why you don't buy multi=fx units with modeling amps.
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They are clashing if your gonna use the FX pedal run it on the clean channel with all effects and models on the amp off.