first off the song is "Bird of Feather" by the band Cog.. an aussie band.. i need the guitar tab + the bass tabs for it... would be really appreciated as there is a guitar tab online but its pretty shotty and there is no bass tab. Also could whoever decides to do this, if you're up to it could you tab it out on guitar pro instead of just tabs... that would be extra appreciated.

edit: heres the youtube video for it for added help

i need this ASAP but dont skip on any details in teh tabs plz plz.. i will be performing this song with a band so i need it to be fairly accurate.

thanks again!
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come on surely someone can do this for me? it's only 1 guitar + 1 bass so. thanks.
bump back to front page.
guyssss... i don't think it's that hard of a tab but im still pretty nub so i can't figure it out.
i think it's in drop c also if that helps.
dude i really need this tab.. and let's be realistic, if it's not on the front page i highly doubt that anyone will notice it, let alone tab it 4 me.
anyone know where else i could go to find tab requests? no1 seems to want to do them here.