Hey everyone

I have a new one here, It's got metalcore influences but some deathcore influences as well.

C4C - I crit back according to how much detail you give me.

Yes, poop.
yess, i can definitely feel the ATR influence, which is good. the best is the first interlude IMO. really good use of scales in the whole song, and im happy to see another person who likes to variate the drums as much as i do :]
breakdown2 kicks asssssssssss , as the song slows down.
creepy dont fit for me, its ok for early ATR material, but i say it doesnt fit.
uhhmmm i miss a chorus

yehh i liked it 9/10 - the 9 is because of the creepy and the non-existing-chorus
Just because i didnt name a part a chorus doesnt exactly mean i dont have one, i may re-name the parts, and not all songs have choruses and this isnt just atr, i got influence from as blood runs black and winds of plague.

Yes, poop.
it sounds really good, i like the breakdowns and the verses, very melodic yet heavy, its just another good effort. 9/10. Crit my new song, Tools of Villany. thanks, keep writing great stuff