I was at Guitar Center the other day and I played a Traben Array and now I am thinking of buying it. The one problem I had with it was a little buzz, and the more i blended toward the bridge pickup the louder it got, eventually making it too loud to tolerate. If I blended all the way to the neck pickup, there was no buzz at all. I understand this may be grounding, but it seemed to buzz constantly, whether i was touching the strings or not. Does anyone know what may be wrong, have any experience with this sort of thing, or know what I could/should do?
My yamaha does this. I think the best way of getting around it would be to re-wire it, but mine never got fixed. I don't think they did anything to it when I sent it off.
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Re-wire it? Or get someone else to do it. (a luthier, maybe?)

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