There you go locked away in the mirror
Placing your investments in your dreams
But when all your friends are reflections
Reality not quite what it seems
Your too caught up in selfish desire
Falling too fast to catch
You need a helping hand to show you
I will fix you, I will fix you, I will fix

You need a hand, a guiding light, but your not down and out X2

You need a hand, a guiding light
I'll guide you through my friends
You need a hand, a way back home
To guide you through
To give you hope.....

Follow the sound of my voice
To find your way back home
Close you eyes. Just breath
I'll take you where all things are possible

Now, pick up the pieces
To get your live back on track
You may be lost
But. You're. Not. Down and out!

Follow the footsteps that match the beating in you heart!
Your reflections not quite so cold
The path has cleared for you
Your goal is in sight
Two stones, one bird
This is your one chance.......


Pick it up
Find yourself X2
Show the world that you're not down and out

I do C4C
I'm not looking for grammatical errors (grammar nazis ) so please don't make that you crit
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Very good I really liked this piece I read it as a Trivium style song looked in you sig and seen teh BFMV thing so I wasnt that far off very good if thats what you were aiming for I think it will make a great song also if you dont mind I have a link in my sig to my newest song could you crit it please