I've been looking around a bit on the internet for different stuff for my bass, mainly stuff that I can collaborate with my computer (since I'm a bit of a geek) and I stumbled across VOX's JamVOX software.

I have a question though, does it work for electric bass?

In this video he mentions that you can take out the guitar and "even the voice frequency" but I haven't found any information about the bass.

It looks like something I could really use and I'd love to get it, but would be bad if it wouldn't work with the bass!

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Edit: Also, if the case is that it won't work with a bass, is there any other equipment similar to the JamVOX that I could get for my bass?
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maybe ask in the Bass forum.

I don't know about hooking a Bass up to a computer. Do you mean directly? That sounds like it wouldn't sound good/work well with all the low frequencies and such. Maybe there is a preamp you can put in between. Do they make Bass effects software?
Well VOX's JamVOX is both the software + a small amplifier that they call monitor, you plug the bass into the monitor and then the monitor into the computer.

But the thing is all I've seen about JamVOX is about guitar, so I guess they haven't made a bassversion (yet?).