Well I thought I would help beginning guitar-ers (as me being one myself), and post this solo that my friend wrote for me to help me with the basics of guitar
I give you 3 different sources to learn (different type of learners visual+audio)

It will help beginners learn key basics:
Hammer Ons
Playing on the Pentatonic Scale

(if you dnt have hammers on down yet...for now just play the two notes...it just won't sound as smooth....and practice hammer ons!!)

Go To This Link and you will find all three formats:

The backing (acoustic sounding) in background is just some chords
Am twice, C twice, D twice, and Em twice
If you all want me to tab that and want to learn that...just let me know

Im not the best.....well not even good at tabbing...since this is my first time anyway
But im 100% confident that even with my bad tabbing, you will understand.....its easy
and when you listen to audio while looking at tabs, you will be able to figure out
Its not that hard

All Credit goes to Nehemiah Thompson aka NehMo aka Guitar Hero
and myself
I really didn't/don't know where to put this
Like if I should create new thread here, put this under "solos for beginners" but I don't know if thats for original or just professional musician band solos

So.....if this needs to be moved, just tell me where to put it