I dunno, possibly. Pics? Condition? How Old?

I'm trying to get something without EMG's since I already have an 81/60a and an 81/85 combo, but who knows.
I dunno if that's my thing... I find it a little hard to pay $800 for a copy, especially for a used one.

Thanks for the offer though

I've heard nothing but good things about Edwards...
Apparently I can't edit... Anyways, an update on what I'm willing to trade for:

Looking for:

Used ESP Eclipse
Used Gibson Les Paul
Used ESP Horizon NT-II


New MH-1000NT
New H-1001
New EC-1000

E-mail me bandolierofcarrrots@gmail.com
BBUUUUMP - see previous post about what I'm looking for.
should have went with the edwards dude

edwards is on par with esp (japanese division) and would kick present-gibsons' arse
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Thanks for the info.. if I don't end up getting this Eclipse, I'll look into one.
I bought an EC-1000 and it SUCKED. It had about 1/2 the sustain as my Schecter, and had a terribly thin, tinny tone. I don't know if it was because it was SOOOO light, but I just wasn't feeling it.. that's when I traded for this MH. The one I tried in the store was like that, and so was the EC that I got... I dunno... maybe a bad batch? I like a little more beef to my tone. The Epiphone Les Paul 100 that I had was about the same tone-wise and sustain-wise.
I've got a VB Eclipse II. Im not lookin for trades though, cash only.

ESP Eclipse II Standard
Jackson Kevin Bond sig
Jackson RR1

5150 Mesa 2x12 cab
Line 6 Flextone III
IMO, the Edwards offered before is a better instrument than the Eclipse. It has much more of a Les Paul tone to it, if that's what you're going for, I'd really suggest you take another look at pierce's.

Good luck!
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