To goto a party
With many a gent
With plenty for rent
I won't be tarty
On my pink wagon
I'm a real cannon

I've got your suprise
Behind the closed doors
With pitch dark *****s
You'll have no reprise
No pardon will save you
And you know I'm true blue

Don't call the police
It's not very kind
That's what I find
But I will be on release
After I pay my do's
That will be my ruse

Back to you
A constant rising
Caused by desiring
Only us two
Under a bridge
I'll touch your ridge

So what did you think?
Ben Pazolli
Epiphone Dot Studio
VOX Valvetronix VD-30AD
VOX V847 WAH-WAH Pedal
Boss Loop Station RC-2
"The nicest guy you'll ever f............ind"