Yea, I have played a lot of slow rock and other such things and now I want to try something new. What are some good songs I can learn to play to improve my shreding skills?
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try the the intro One solo, or the (Start) of sweet child of mine, og stairway to heaven solo, that's what I did, worked fine...
Try some of the faster Iron Maiden solos i guess, or the slower megadeth ones.
sorry i wasnt very specific. try 2 minutes to midnight,hallowed be thy name and the trooper by maiden. You should also try stuff from megadeth's youthanasia.
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Racer X, or Paul Gilbert's songs. Not exactly easy, but if you ever can play their songs, you should become an amazing shredder.

And that One solo in the intro isn't shred at all, there's nothing difficult or fast about it.
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