Hi. Yesterday I got a Laguna LG Series LG6CERW Cutaway Acoustic Electric. It's my first acoustic-electric. Anyway when I was buying it the salesmen mentioned an Acoustic-electric amp. He said it provides a better tone and less feedback than a regular electric guitar amp or something like that. At this moment I don't have the money for an acoustic-electric amp so I have two questions:

Will playing the acoustic electric guitar on my electric amp damage the amp or the guitar?


If it doesn't damage the guitar or amp, can I use some my wah or effect pedals on my acoustic-electric?
It's perfectly fine to use an acoustic on an electric amp. Solid state is preferred because tubes overdrive when you crank it. You want as much clean tone as possible.

You can definitely use effects on your acoustic. A little chorus and reverb are always nice.
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no damage, yes you can use effects. Its pretty much just an electric guitar that looks and sounds like am acoustic... if you know what I mean..

EDIT: damn.. beaten to it..
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