I'm just curious if anyone actually uses the 16th note beep divisions of the metronome. I can't stand and can't see how anyone could play to it. At least on mine by about 110 or something in just sounds like a blend of continous beeping. I just use a metronome to beep on every beat. I actually blame this "feature" for my slow adoption of the metronome in my playing as I would try and use this "feature" and find myself hopelessly psyched out. Does anyone use it successfully??
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It helps a lot for one main reason. When you are playing 16 notes to a click once every 4 beats you tend to either slow down or speed up in the middle sometimes. This happens a lot when you are playing speeds that are at the middle of your playing ability. Not slow or not fast. Or when you are trying to play real real slow. The only way to fix it? Practise with it all the time. Start slow at a comfortable speed. After a while you'll get used to picking out the clicks.

Are you running the metronome through an amp? If you are cut out the delay or something cause metronome's aren't supposed to blend in at all. Listen to some web metronomes and you'll see.

This helps especially for drummers !
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For playing guitar, using 16th note beat subdivisions is WAY overkill. Only use it if
your BPM is really slow and you want to work on the accuracy of 16th notes. 4 clicks
per beat (1/4 notes) is sufficient for most practical use. Most music you play to will
have a fundamental 1/4 note pulse, and generally that's what you set the metronome