Hi everyone,

I'm looking to buy a new guitar in June. ( I think seeing as I have so long to save up for + bday and whatever on the way we'll say money isn't an option to a certain extent )
I'd just like a little advice really, so I'll give you some details:

I already have a Les Paul (Not a Gibson but a Gould, custom model which I'm very pleased with as I have Alnico Pro II pickups - Seymour Duncan.)
A Fender Strat with wilkinson pickups, and a PRS Copy with pretty crap pickups but does it's job.

I'd like a little help cos I want to manufacture a sort of 'crunchy' rock tone, with a real grungy rock and roll feel to it. I enjoy playing a lot of different stuff, but mostly hard rock/rock to metal. (So for instance, Black Stone Cherry/Led Zep to Trivium/Metallica.) but I'm looking to create that sort of crunchy rock tone that my favourite band pulls off, which can be heard here: (may not be best example but check on youtube for good ideas of the guitarists sounds.)
The band is a three piece so as you can imagine it's a real driving, groovy rock tone he pulls off and I would LOVE to be able to have it too, just not EXACTLY the same but with a little twist (Hence why I'd rather not go for a Gibson Les Paul unless completely neccesary). .

So any ideas on what guitar, (or amp(s)) I should purchase to try and achieve my aim would be great.

I like Tokai's too. I have a Tokai SG-75 and I simply love it. The Love Rocks are nice too. Make sure they are Made in Japan and not Korea though.
What amp do yo have currently, and what will it be used for (gigging, band practice, jamming, etc).

It seems you have a great guitar for the genres you listed, the amp might just be able to drive it further.
Thanks for the replies so far guys.

Those Tokai's look really nice, but what's the difference between them and a Gibson?

Ginjaninja, I'm currently playing through a 30wt Fender Tube amp which I just use for jamming at the moment but soon I might upgrade for gigging.

Thanks for the help folks