Just bought one, need a couple things to concentrate on in learning to use it. Any tips are very welcome. Thanks!
Dude...Just play Bulls on Parade. Wicked tight when playing the one part after the intial intro.
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One thing I've noticed is that allot of people when using a wah, they will take it too far and go up and down ALLOT, personally I've always thought wah's sound better when you move them slowly or sometimes put them in a position and not move them at all, I just think it sounds smoother. But really it all depends on what your playing, it's just about experimenting with different things.
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like SurfinWithSatch said, the wah pedals are all unique. Depending what kinda sound you want to get out of it, a full out WAAAAAAAAAH to push it all the way down quickly, or to just let it flow with the song, maybe slowly bring it up and down to the beat of the song to give it a smooth flow. Its all about finding the sweet spot on the pedal and taking advantage of that.
You could try playing Tales of Brave Ulysses or White Room for a traditional use of the wah pedal. If you want to try something a bit different I am pretty sure a wah pedal was used on Dazed and Confused.
jimi hendrix used a crybaby, and steve vai, play like them oh and tom morello. and herman li.

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Yeah, listen to Hendrix. And remember that it is not always about swinging your foot to the rhythm, sometimes it is all about expressivity. Practice being subtle and being wild.

Vary from small little swings to going to the very extremes.
you know whats fun to play with it, that you don't even have to move it - have it all the way up and rip out "money for nothing" dire straights intro

i just got one and when i was playing some chords on it, it sounded pretty cool, using it more as a filter than a wah...
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Tales of Brave Ulysses

Voodoo Chile(Slight Return)

The two best Wah songs, ever made.

Don't forget White Room
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jimi hendrix used a crybaby, and steve vai, play like them oh and tom morello. and herman li.

Hendrix actually used a Vox

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