Poll: What is Ozzy's best song
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Crazy Train
4 31%
Mr. Crowley
7 54%
Bark at the Moon
4 31%
Iron Man(technically Ozzy)
5 38%
Paranoid(technically Ozzy)
3 23%
I dont Wanna Stop
1 8%
Suicide Solution
1 8%
The Ultimate Sin
1 8%
Voters: 13.
If its not about Ozzy, put that S*** somewhere else and get your a** out of here. If its about Ozzy feel free to post it, i dont give a d***
Quote by Mattrockz
what guitarist that ozzys worked with is the best?

im a zakk wylde fan ... cant help but love his beard
They made me do push ups in drag

I'm gonna have a really hard time if we're both cannibals and racists.

Don't dress as a whore, he'll thump you.

I'm a firework, primed to go off
Personally I agree with ambrosius. I really like Zakk, but Randy has him beat.
It's too bad, so much potential.
Quote by padgea7x

Ahahahahaha. Those were the days.

Anyway, I vote Iron Man. Just because it's such a great song
iron man and paranoid are not ozzy songs!!!!

ozzy didn't write any part of those songs.

and mr crowley is definetly the best ozzy song ever followed closely by crazy train.
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