Hey people,

Well i have just got a few questions to ask if anyone wants to awnser it will be really Appreciated.

Well i have been playing guitar for around a year now but only seriously for about 2 weeks before i played seriously i was just messing round with riffs and only played about once or twice a week,

Now i have picked it up seriously iv been playing around 4 to 5 hours a day and just need some help with how to really progress and practise properly.

Well at the moment i am just learning Ride the Lightning by metallica and am about 3/4 through the song but my problem is with this i have been playing this song for about a week straight most days about 5 hours.

My first question is, Is this a bad idea to just play this song all the time until i have completed it or should i be practising lots of different things at once to stop myself getting too wound into this song and not learning anything else.

I have also for the first time started to learn my chords At the moment i only know A E D chords and have been practising changing around these chords its coming on but not to the point where it is instant. Im learning Back in Black by AC/DC with these chords but could anyone give me another simple song i could play around with these Chords.

Ok one more thing, Is there anything else i should be learning at the same time as the chords and RtL like scales ect because the amount of time i have to play is alot and im just playing that song and these chords all the time and im sure i could be learning alot more.

Ok sorry for the long post :P any help will be really nice.

Thanks guys and girls
Okay, be slow slow slow. Make sure everything is controlled and neat and precise. You've got a great advantage of probably not having many bad habits. Go and read the technique sticky in the Musician Talk forums and follow it to the letter - if you do this you will be a badass guitarist in a few years time.

Also, i'd say practice more than just songs. Learning your notes on the fretboard from the off would be a great help too.
Ok thankyou very much for the reply i will go over and check that sticky out now.

Any more replys would help too thankyou
Yes and overall - patience. Don't think you'll be god in a year or two. It'll probably take you a year to get anywhere near competent, and then another 2/3 years to become very good, but if you love playing the guitar you'll be glad you did i1t