So I'm looking to get more in-depth with my recording. Soon I'm going to get a new amp, which will suck all my money away from me, but I want to know what I should prepare for. Right now I'm using a Rock Band mic thats plugged into my computer. I'm looking at a Shure SM-58 Mic, but what else will I need to plug into my Dell laptop? I use Audacity for now, but next year I'll probably have a macbook with garage band.

tl;dr - need basic help recording, want a new mic but what else will i need?
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you need a good mic (SM58 or SM57 will do great), an interface (so you don't use your computer's soundcard), a program to record to (audacity is VERY basic, look at other options)
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I'd go for an SM57 over an SM58, as I find the 57 much more versatile, and it still sounds good on vocals.

You'll need a USB or Firewire interface as well, depending on your budget, I recommend the M-Audio fast track USB as an affordable solution, but if you can spend a bit more, a firewire interface would be better.

You might want to look into getting a different DAW as well, audacity and garageband are ok for starting out, but something like logic or cubase will offer you many more options.
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