Okay So last night I turned on my amp ( Palmino Crate V 32 Class A Tube amp) and no sound came out. It would play for 5 secs and then just die. My guess was that the power tubes needed to be changed ( If I'm wrong please correct me.

so here is my list of questions

- The specs say the tubes are EL84's does that mean I could but JJ El84 or EH El84 and is there anyway I could buy the tubes it originally had?

- If I get the tubes it originally had does that avoid having to Bias them.

- If I can't avoid Biasing then how the heck do I Bias the tubes?

- Is there another potential problem with my amp and not just the need for a power tube change. ( They still glow orange)

- Also where is the Fuse on an amp? ( sorry first time changing tubes)

Thanks in advance for the help
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I don't know about the tubes and stuff but does the power chord unplug from the back or is it fixed? Usually if the chords unplugs on the back then the fuses are right under where the chord plugs.
Good Luck!