Hello everyone,

yesterday I sold one of my guitars to my friend, and now I have about $150. Now, I also have a JSX, and although i get a really good metal tone, I was wondering if using an EQ would help me get a tighter, more defined sound. This being said, is the EQ worth it? my other option is to buy a recording interface ( i plan to record soon), so I'm not sure which way would be more beneficial. Thanks
I personally don't find EQ pedals useful, but others find a significant difference with them. I would buy the recording interface.


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A good EQ is always useful.
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The MXR 10-band would definitely be able to help, it's an awesome pedal.

That being said, if you're generally happy with your sound and are just wanting to tighten it up a little, an OD pedal might be more what you're looking for.
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hm, i guess my question is, how much of a difference in tone would an EQ make?

Depends on your gear and where you put it in your signal path... but yes, it's a great investment.