Hey guys,
I have been playing guitar since I was 13, so about 9 years now. I played in a band in high school and we played a few shows but since I started college, I really have not done much as far as musical accomplishments. I never stopped playing and in fact my love for the instrument and learning new things such as fingerstyle, jazz, and improving my soloing in general has never been stronger. My problem is, I am having trouble figuring out some specific goals to aim for.
I really want to do something with my playing and so far I have come up with a few options and would love to see what you guys think.

- Get a setlist of acoustic fingerstyle songs under my belt to perform somewhere (where? who wants to hear instrumental music? do I need to have originals or can it be mostly covers? - I am a huge Tommy E. fan)

- Develop a setlist of jazzy chord melody songs to be played on an electric with no other accompaniment

- Create some jazz backing tracks and improv over them (a la Robert Conti) problem here is my jazz playing is at a very beginner level

As you can see I am leaning toward stuff that I can do on my own. I am open to ALL suggestions and advice and ALL is greatly appreciated. Just so you guys can get some idea of my skill level I will post my youtube link below. Thanks so much! I can't wait to read your replies!

Hmm. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by goals. Are you talking about ways of advancing your self in your guitar playing. Or goals like trying to get your music out their to the masses? It's kinda hard to help someone figure out their own goals. I could probably tell you, yours and mine are probably radically different because right now I'm just trying to get a setlist of songs, focus on singing and songwriting, and playing at open mics to get some experience.

So answer this, are you only focusing on trying to get noticed right now, or focusing on trying to improve your chops, or even both?
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I think what I would really like to do is to be able to showcase my playing somehow. I am not looking for fame or money, just the abillity to play out maybe even regularly. I don't really have any interest in recording a cd or anything like that, especially since I do not really write original music. I do not sing either. I think I would enjoy like a regular solo gig at a restaurant/bar/hotel or something like that. What do you guys think? How does one go about this, and what have your experiences been like with these types of gigs?
i would say just pursure exactly what you described. go to high class restaurants and offer the manager your services. covers are never a problem. in fact, much as it pains us original songwriters, people prefer to hear cover songs most of the time, because they are familiar and they already like the tunes. there's probably tons of places that would go for your act.

a few tips for greater success... dress it up a bit if you want to play restaurants and lounges. shave, and don't show up in a t-shirt and jeans. make sure you know a TON of material, as they will probably expect you to play 3 sets a night. if you meet anyone else in your same line of work, always ask them about good songs to know, as people will probably request them.

i would recommend making at least a simple demo like you have on youtube, just so that you have a CD to give to someone who needs convincing. it doesn't hurt to bring your guitar with you when you're looking for work.
Well if your looking for playing advice id suggest doing something Ive always wanted to do. Write a song, and use the locrian scale in a solo to connect it to an ending that is in a different key, if that makes any sense. The locrian is kind of an unused scale most of the time and id like to hear someone use it really well in a jazzy song. Also it may sound kind of dumb but try learning 12 fret arpeggios and then do some sweeping type stuff with them.
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I don't think I necessarily want to write much original stuff. I am looking for a way to play out regularly, preferably without the need of a group.