Stupid question,

I like the sound my amp / setup makes - but can't afford a mic right now

I have a tascam us-144, and a copy of LE cubase (which i haven't figured out yet)

downloaded riffworks, and this seems like a great program.....but i can't get the sound i want from direct in (high z connection)

Do i need to play with it more, or just save up and get a mic....how many of you direct connect your guitar to your comp and don't use a mic'd amp
i use a pocket pod
direct sucks though
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pocket pod eh... I was thinking of getting one, are they good?
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i have a pocket pod, how do you use it for your recording?

do you just interface it between the guitar and your input to the computer....

pocket pod is cool, i travel with mine, allows me to practice my electric at the hotels