i was just wondering what everyone thinks of the little big muff pedal by electro harmonix.
I was thinking of getting one and i just wanted some opinions
Is it worth getting? does it sound good? is it better than other distortion pedals?
Please reply!
I love Big Muff's. Definetly worth of getting if you like 90's buzzy bands like Sonic Youth or Mudhoney. Is it better than others? Well, you can't quite say becouse it doesn't sound like, for example, DS-2, not at all. BM's sound is very cool and unique, but it doesn't fit for everybody so I would recommend you to check out multiply pedals before you decide.

Oh, damn, you were talking about LITTLE big muffs. I haven't played one, but basing only some reviews it's sounds pretty much the same. Try them both!
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i would save an extra $20 for the big muff pi
i have one and i like it
and the big muff is more of a mix between a distortion and fuzz
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