I'm looking for someone in the UK preferably, or at least europe, it gets hard with the American - British time zone difference.

I'm looking to do some death metal covers of pop songs, a couple of ideas are: So What by Pink, Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics and other songs along this vein. A Ten Masked Men sort of vein. If you're interested in the style I can send you a copy of a cover of I Kissed a Girl by Kate Perry.

I'm looking for a skilled guitarist, speed-picking and solos essential! As is pro gear and decent recording equipment, the ability to tune down to drop C would be good, but however is not required. I'm also looking for a drummer, but I can use a drum machine if no one is interested.

I prefer to be contacted by MSN rather than my profile here. I don't come on here often. It's neo@f*ck-off-and-die.com (seriously!)
I'm so metal I work at Dimmu Burger
I totally hit that up, but im on the Pacific coast (ironic ftw)
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