I'm considering buying a beautiful G&L S-500 with natural finish. He says it's about 8 years old, and it hasn't been played for 5 years. There isn't a mark on it. Retail looks like it was about 1400 + the extra cost of the natural finish. What do you think it's worth now? Thanks...
Just saw one on CL locally for $550. That seemed like a good deal. Probably priced similar to an American Strat. Just make sure it isn'. t the cheaper Tribute.
From what I've seen that would be an amazing deal. The only other used S-500's I've found with premier finishes were going for $870, and $1000. I paid more than I wanted at $825, but this guitar was flawless.
Congrats on your purpose. I have a 1982 S-500. It's a bit beat up, but all original and plays great.