Ok, as I was searching around on craigslist, I looked to the KC list and found THIS

From what I can tell, the guitar is a Takamine EG530SSC (MF Link)

However, I have no idea what the amp is. My main problem is that if I really intend on getting this guitar, I have to drive about 3 hours up to KC. But if I'm getting a good enough deal, then I figure it's worth it, and also a viable excuse to go see my grandparents

So, opinions? And if anyone knows what model that amp is, and if it is any good, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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That guitar could easily be any number of models from the G Series. You need to find out exactly which model it is.

Also, if you are looking for a Takamine EG530SSC then PM me.
call or e-mail the guy ask for more pics, maybe he knows the model numbers....

definitely do it before driving 3 hours...lol