I was thinking of picking up a Bugera 6262 and a cab but then I saw the combo version. It would be much easier to travel with and be cheaper ($550 for just the amp, $650 for the combo).

Correct me if I'm wrong but there shouldn't be any difference in sound because it's the exact same 6262.

Any help/thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
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NO, it's the same thing as the head and cab but just compacted basically. Beware though, this amp is Bugera, which is owned by Behringer, which is not the greatest brand. It is a pretty cheap product for the price. But whatever, it's your money. :>
Wait for the new peavey 1x12 6505
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Wait for the new peavey 1x12 6505

I was considering that but then again many have said the 6262 sounds as good as the 6505 and it's basically half the price.

The clarify, the standalone and the combo will have the same sound correct?
They will have the same sound. However, the bugera is a cheaply made ripoff of the 6505 and if you wait you get peavey craftsmanship along with the sound your looking for.
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I was considering that but then again many have said the 6262 sounds as good as the 6505 and it's basically half the price.

The clarify, the standalone and the combo will have the same sound correct?

No, the 6505 combo would actually likely be cheaper than the Bugera combo after the street price is established.

Second point is true, but it is easier to change out speakers in a cabinet if you want a better soudn
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I think you'll be happy with either the combo or the half-stack, it all depends on if you want the portability (although, I use that loosely, a 2x12 all-tube combo like that weighs a ridiculous amount in my opinion) or the thump that the head/4x12 combination gives you.
Thanks for all the input. The thing is, the amp I was using has broken so I do not want to wait long to buy something new. That's my primary reason for wanting to go with the Bugera instead of the Peavey 112 (when it releases).

Does the 6262-212 have good speakers? If it does then I probably will never swap them out anyway.

The 6262 has had some excellent reviews and I also saw a few videos from a guy who owned the 6505 and got a 6262 instead, he said it's (in his opinion) vastly superior to the 6505:

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The combos sound great...BUT...like someone said weight a ton and there's no side handles.

Get the head and 212 cab for portability.
Although there's not much size difference between some 2x12s and the Bugera 4x12.

Personally I prefer the 4x12. Beautiful smoothness and sound spread.
Hmmm...any specific cabs you suggest? Keep in mind I don't need a ton of power.

Was also taking a look at the 333/333XL. Would either of those be a better choice over the 6262?

Thanks again.
Cabs...shop around...Avatar comes to mind.

I've owned both the 6262 and 333XL. I went with the XL because of versatility in a live situation. It's a true three channel that can be switched on the fly.

Also the XL switches bring out the low resonant frequency of the cab you are playing thru, which really fattens up the tone and adds depth.

6262 - very raw, aggresive, in your face
333XL - more compressed, a bit more depth, 3D like crunch.
Much appreciated. Avatar you say? I will check them out.

So overall the 333XL is better than the 6262? Since you've used them both I will take your word for it.

When it comes to cabs though, the 333XL-212 might be all I need though to be honest.
Hmm, I need help deciding it seems.

I play mostly heavy stuff but I also play clean a good portion of the time as well.
Any chance you can get out and play 'em? They all sound a little different and you really can't go wrong tone wise, but it just depends on you and your tastes.
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Unfortunately there is no one near me who carries them. Any clips online comparing them or something helpful?

Otherwise I might have to flip a coin unless anyone can further help.
Metal and alternative rock mostly. I most likely don't need 3 channels. That doesn't mean I would waste them but it's not enough that I would decide on an amp because of 2 or 3 channels.
Here's the deal with me:

The 6262 was great, however, it has no "crunch" on the footswitch. I NEED to be able to switch between clean and crunch. Sure you can do a mod, but for $50.00 more, the 333XL was the obvious choice for me.

You really can not go wrong. It's just a matter of features. They all sound great.
Alright if there is no major tone difference between the two I will definitely go for the 333XL. Like you said it has more features for only $50 more.

Thanks a lot for your help.