I'm having alot of trouble figuring out the bass line to Take back the City by Snow Patrol. According to this tab I should just be hammering away on the root A during the verse but I'm 100% certain that's not right as I can hear the bass line getting lower. Any ideas?
Yes I know it's a guitar tab, that's the problem as there's no bass tab I'm haveing to try and figure the song out from what's there.
If you are 100% certain about something I would assume you have some idea of what is going on.

Try to play what you hear, but then again I have no idea how much of a musical background you have so that may be difficult. Keep playing it over and over until you can find something close to what you hear and then zone in on each note.
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I'm fairly sure that bass line isn't gonna follow the guitar tab exactly. So you will have to do it by ear if there isn't a tab.
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I am going to heft you over to the Tab forum and leave a redirect here in the bass forum. You may find someone to assist over there. Good luck!