Hey UG, Dudage here.

After much playing and practicing, our band Vestige has finally started getting off the the ground! We have 5 rough recordings up on our new Myspace, and I would love it if you guys could listen to them, download them or whatever you wish to do with them.

We play a softer rock, all girls on vocals but they can harmonize really beautifully, something that works well with the otherwise typical rock band instrumentation. We do try to branch out of basic musical styles and dip into things like reggae and funk and what not.

Since the band is still pretty much in its infancy, we could not afford to do the best recordings, and they somehow acquired these little tempo blips upon uploading to myspace, which I assure you are not intentional.

Check us out at:


Excuse the lame bland myspace page, we haven't had the time invested in it to make it all shiny and cool yet.
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the myspace is totally not lame and boring anymore!!