Ok so obviously I have an Epi Les Paul and I want to change my pups in it.

I play through a Carvin V3 amp, Mostly modern Rock maybe a little heavier from time to time. http://www.myspace.com/fightingfwrd is my band should be some songs up there next album will be a bit heavier.

Any suggestions for pups?

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have any preference over passive/active?

Preferably Passive.
idk much about pickups, just wanted to tell you that your band sounds pretty cool dude!
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DiMarzio wise...
PAF Pro is really cool in the neck. Alternatively, the PAF Joe will be rounder and smoother, and IMO generally tonally superior, at the expense of a little bit of clarity.
The Tone Zone and Super Distortion are both ideal for the bridge in this situation, but I'd point you in the direction of the Air Zone. Not quite as high output as the Tone Zone, but again I simply prefer the tone.
If you have a higher budget, I'd have Bare Knuckles. The Cold Sweats would suit you down to a T.

Edit: I just realised how heavy your music is. Try a DiMarzio DSonic or D-Activator.
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Duncan JB/59
Dimarzio D-Activator's

or a Q-tuner?
They look interesting but theres not much word on them

DiMarzio D-Sonic would be awesome for any heavy music

I have a DiMarzio PAF Joe in the neck of my guitar and it's amazing and awesome. I have a Steve's Special in the bridge, it's okay, but it just pales in comparison.
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